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Aurora Andalusian's currently does not have any horses for sale.  Below are some of the great horses we have sold and now are enjoying new adventures. 

Ascension  "Ace" - 2012 Black Andalusian Colt - SOLD

Ace was born June 14th 2012.  His sire is Consejo DA, owned by Patricia Hardy at Belviour Hill Farms. 
Ace has lovely movement from the very first day he ran around doing flying changes and canter pirouettes with ease and grace and will make a wonderful dressage horse or be great for any discipline.  He has a wonderful temperament, cautious and astute at new things but taking things in stride.  He is friendly yet shy all at the same time.        

Ace will be registered in the Spanish book as both Emy and Consejo are Revised with ANCCE.   For Emy's breeding pedigree see the 'Our Horses' page, below is Consejo's picture and pedigree.   

Consejo DA has extreme beauty, strength and elegance. His absolutely correct and straight movement has great suspension and power in all gaits. Consejo's sensible temperament and calm and cool attitude have passed onto Ace and he is a pleasure to work with.  Ace has been out with the geldings and an absolute gentleman. He is handled and very respectful.   

Both parents are black, Consejo is homogeneous black, DNA tested, and when Emy was revised her Spanish papers were corrected to black  after DNA testing, therefore, Ace is black as well and will be DNA tested. 

Ace has impeccable pedigree.  His sire Consejo carries the top bloodlines of the Escalera breeding program of Seville, Spain through both his sire and dam. The Escalera horses, bred for over 200 years, are world renowned for their beauty and functionality as well as their wonderful temperaments and versatility. From Generation to Generation, horses with brave, calm and sensible temperaments - easily trained and perfect for everything from high-school dressage to working cow horse - are the result of this remarkable breeding program.  For more info on Consejo visit

Ace - SOLD

Latest pictures from May 2015 just before his 3rd birthday:

(shown below at 2 years old, summer of 2014 - a bit sun bleached)

(shown above at 1 day and 1 month old - below he is 5 months old) 

Video - Ace is 1.5 years old here during turnout in the winter:

Video - Ace is 11 months old:


This video was when he was 10 days old.

Picture below is Consejo DA, Ace's sire.

Anunciada III (Auna)
I currently have Auna up for sale as I am not planning to bred for some time and feel she needs to find her perfect home.  Anunciada is out of Emy.  She had an injury at 4 years old and has a pulled suspensory ligament and not suitable for a riding horse.  Her paperwork is in with ANCEE for Inscription.  Auna is very personable and loves attention and grooming.

Ana - SOLD

I currently also have Emy up for sale as I need to downsize.  Emy is our Black PRE mare and mom to Ace and Auna.  She is a spectacular horse, sweet, loving and a wonderful broodmare and also a great riding horse as she is trained under saddle. 

Emy - SOLD


Aurora's Galeon - SOLD

Aurora's first foal Galeon is available for sale to a good home only.  Galeon was born May 30, 2006 and stole my heart the moment he was born.  He is a very special horse and loves attention, and is the first to the gate to greet you. Galeon started under saddle in 2010 as a 4 year old and had 2 months of natural horsemanship training.  Both Aurora and Diestro have passed on their wonderful temperments.

Galeon has been retained as part of my hope to start a riding program but I have hung up those dreams and realize Galeon is too special and needs a loving partner.  He will make someone a wonderful soul mate.

Update: Fall 2012 - I am pleased to update that Galeon has found his soul mate.  I am so thrilled at the wonderful life and new adventures he is undertaking.


Prince (Wilderness Sky Dancer) - SOLD

Prince is a wonderful Arabin / Thoroughbred cross, very sweet and grounded and turned 4 years old on March 6th, 2013.  Prince has been with us since he was 6 months old and my daughter bought him.  Her dream was to train him in several disciplines.  With a baby of her own now, she realizes that Prince should also find his soul mate who has the time to train and love him.   He is ready to get to work this year in whatever discipline you choose. 

Sold Summer 2013

February 2015 - I am so thrilled to hear back from Prince's owner with the following update:
"Prince is with me at College.  He's come a long way in the last two years and almost graduating college himself! I can't believe he is going to be 6 in March.  He can walk trot canter, jump a full course (2'3 - 2'6), trail ride and even my little sister has ridden Prince." 

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