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Currently we have 4 wonderful Andalusians on the farm.Please scroll through below to see all our wonderful horses:



Aurora is our beautiful Matriarch and head mare of our heard.  She takes her job very seriously.

Aurora's is a PRE - pure spanish horse, and revised in the spanish stud book.

Aurora is the mother to Galeon and Espiritu. 

Anunciada (Auna)


Diestro H

Born March 24, 1999 Diestro was my first Andalusian and is my personal riding horse. I purchased him as a foal not even a year old yet and have watched him grow into an amazing horse. He was our stallion for several years and has produced some amazing foals that carry his wonderful temperment.  Our beautiful Espiritu still remain on the farm and is owned by my daughter. We decided to geld Diestro a couple of years ago to allow him to be with the herd and enjoy a wonderful life.

Aurora H
Aurora's breeding is impeccable. Born May 2, 1999.

Imperioso D

3180 (S)


Granadino XI 1976

1124 (S)





Granadina VII



Tomatera III

Quizas III

1633 (S)

Vasallo II


Bilbaino III






Jaira II

1489 (S)




Vasallo II


Bilbaino III





Melodia II


Habanero IV



Danzarina II




Aurora’s sire is Imperioso D.  Imperioso’s 2 grandsires are #1 (Vasallo II) and #3 (Leviton) in the LIMPRE, the Book of Merit that the ANCEE (Association of Spanish Breeders) have put together. 

Imperioso’s sire is Granadino XI, and was imported from Spain.  Some of his babies in Spain went on to win Spanish Nat. Championships and the breeder said he would have never sold him if he knew what his babies would grow up to be.  Granadino's sire was the absolutely legendary Leviton, the #3 ranked horse in LIMPRE.  Leviton was the sire of the highest-ranking horse on the Spanish Olympic Dressage team, Evento.  He produced many Spanish Champions, as well.  Leviton is famous mostly for his movement and the way he passed that movement on to his offspring.  Leviton was singled out to be honoured at SICAB a few years ago.

Imperioso’s dam, Quizas was imported from Spain and was bred and branded by the Cardenas Stud. , She is one of only a handful of horses in this country that are from the Cardenas Stud in SpainCardenas has won more "Best Breeder" awards in Spain than any other.  He rarely sells his mares!  The Spanish Revision team said of Quizas "If she were a woman she would be Miss Universe."  Quizas is a daughter of Vasallo II, the Number One ranked horse in LIMPRE.  He is the IALHA poster horse; he was Reserve Champion of Spain and has produced more Spanish champions than any horse ever!  Also in Imperioso’s pedigree are 3 crosses to Bilbaino III, the foundation stallion of the Cardenas stud and a top Terry stallion; Maluso, the most honoured of all Spanish horses (he is THE founder of the bay lines); Juglar, the 2nd primary founder of bay lines, and his famous bay son, Agente.    The bloodlines of Vasallo II and Leviton that Imperioso carries are hard to find in North America, especially Vasallo II.  


Aurora’s dam Jaira was imported from the farm of Luis Arenas / Rancho Esmeralda in Mexico, and is puro Cartujano with very prestigious bloodlines.  By Halagado (who is a son of Vasallo II one of the highest scoring stallions of all time in Spain) out of Melodia II (reserve Champion of Spain, with incredible Terry lines).  She has been revised and approved as a breeding mare by the Spanish Cria Caballar.

Anunciada III "Auna" 

With a dream to have a black or bay Andalusian one day, my dream came true on both fronts in 2010, when I purchased Emy and Auna.  Emy has since been sold but Auna remains on the farm as a key contributor to the Equine Facilitated Workshops and Therapy. programs. 

Espiritu del Viento (Spirit of the Wind)

"Esper" is Aurora's second foal born in 2007 and Galeon's full brother.  Esper was purchased by my daughter the moment he was born.  He resides on the farm and is currently in training under saddle and enjoying living at The Oasis Farm / Aurora Andalusians.

Esper's is a gentle giant reaching almost 17 hands but is one of the kindest, gentlest horses I have ever known. Esper is also a key contributor to the Equine Facilitated Workshops and Therapy programs. 




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